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Telephone Consumer Protection Act


The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (or “TCPA”) can be a powerful tool for use against abusive debt collectors.  It does not apply to all types of calls.  The TCPA prohibits the use of automatic dialing systems and prerecorded messages to call a cellular telephone without the prior express consent of the called party.  This consent could only have been given to the debt collector or the original creditor, and if a debt collector is claiming it had consent, it has the burden of proving that you provided this consent.

These types of cases typically arise when the person receiving these calls on his or her cell phone does not owe the debt, or if the person receiving these calls never provided any form of consent to call the cell phone to either the original creditor or the debt collector.  The penalty for using an auto-dialer or predictive dialer to contact a person’s cell phone without his or her consent is $500.00-$1500.00 per attempted call.

Our office has handled a number of cases in which our clients have received calls from collection agencies, individual debt collectors, or debt buyers which violate the TCPA.  If you live in Missouri and have received these kinds of robo-calls and prerecorded messages from debt collectors on your cellular phone, contact Bob Healey for a free consultation so we can assess and evaluate your potential claim.

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