Robert T. Healey, Esq.


“I’d like to take a moment to thank Mr. Healey on his excellent work in handling my personal injury lawsuit. When I found I was in need of representation, I didn’t hesitate in contacting him. He had helped me previously with a legal issue and I felt more than confident that he was the lawyer I needed. Mr. Healey, once again put me at ease regarding the steps needed to handle my case and always kept me informed on the current status of my lawsuit. Though I hope I won’t find myself in need of a lawyer again, should the need arise, I will once again hire him for my representation as well as recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in need of a good lawyer who listens as well as delivers.”

AJ Jones

“Dear Bob;

You have been the best attorney we have ever worked with.

You have kept us informed on all aspects of our cases, have offered us options and have followed through in a timely manner. We’ve learned to trust you because you’ve never given us a reason not to.

As you know, when you came into our life we really needed someone with your knowledge and expertise. We were so fortunate to find you. It’s amazing to find someone these days who works with such true diligence.

Thank you, Bob, for being there for us. You are truly a wonderful person!”
~Joanna and Rich Nelson


“Over a number of years we have retained Bob Healey to help us with several business matters.  He has always been helpful, very competent, and we can put our confidence and trust in him, knowing Bob will handle everything very professionally.  We have no hesitation in recommending him to friends.”
Jack & Betty Via


“Like so many others, following the decline in the market and adverse economic conditions of 2008, I found myself unemployed with debts accumulated during better years. Unable to afford the steep costs associated with the debts, I fell behind and became the subject of intense harassment from creditors with a severely diminished credit rating.

Based on the recommendation of a friend I sought the legal services of Robert Healey, and have never looked back.  Through his counsel, and tenacious assistance, he reviewed and disputed discrepancies on my credit reports, successfully negotiated settlements, ended threatening communications from third party collectors, and informed me of my legal rights.

His efforts not only restored the financial health of my credit rating without bankruptcy, but also empowered me with a knowledge that diminished the fear I once felt.  Mr. Healey took a proactive approach toward resolving the complex network of issues surrounding my finances.

Through frequent communications, he kept me informed of the process, and gave me the tools to navigate the issues, from which he then pursued cases to their successful conclusions. I am deeply indebted and thankful to Mr. Healey for his consummate professionalism, knowledge, and talent, which has supplied me with renewed financial freedom and a restored credit rating.”
Joe Hofer


“I was so happy with your help and could not have made it through the whole process without your help and support.  Any time I called you, or communicated through email with questions, or just needed to talk about my case, and keep you in the loop of what all was going on with my case, whether it was what was happening through my treatment, my doctors, my surgery, rehab, whatever it was, you always got in immediate contact with me.

I probably emailed you with things that could have waited or asked you “dumb” questions, but you never made me feel I was bothering you.  I feel we had an excellent working record and I would not hesitate to ask you to provide services for me if the need should ever arise, or recommend you to anyone else, because you are so good at what you do, and I appreciate how you were able to get a good outcome on my case so we didn’t have to drag this out without having to file an actual lawsuit.  I appreciate your service to me and would not ever hesitate asking for you help in the future, should the need arise.

Thank you,”
Brenda Todd


“Bob has been 100% successful at winning cases for us against debt collectors. He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He responds to questions within 24 hours and keeps us informed throughout the case. We highly recommend Robert Healey.”
Denise Tabachik Pfleger


“Robert Healey has been invaluable in handling our cases. Not only is he accessible, he handles our  matters with professionalism, compassion, and respect. We would recommend him to our closest friends and family.”
Patrick D.


“Bob Healey helped me so much during a tough time in my life.  I was receiving harassing phone calls from debt collectors, and Bob was able to stop the calls, and successfully settle with the debt collection companies. I was going through a bankruptcy and feeling pretty bad about myself.

Bob was thorough and effective, and got the job done.  At no time did I feel judged or ashamed because of my financial circumstances.  Bob was there to get results, and he did so with ease.  He is very easy to talk to and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing a true advocate who is knowledgeable in the areas of fair debt collection, personal injury, and work injury matters.”
Becca L.


 “I was in a serious motorcycle accident and a friend referred me to Bob Healey.  When I met him, what I really liked was that he talked to me, not above me and he explained things really well.

My case never just “sat” on his desk. He called me often either to tell me how my case was going or ask me how I was feeling.  He followed up with all of my doctors, ordered all of my medical records and never charged me a penny to do it.

He even performed a reconstruction speed analysis report to prove I wasn’t speeding.  Bob told me what he thought my case was worth and didn’t take any nonsense off the insurance adjusters. He fought hard for me and my end result was proof of that! I cannot thank you enough, Bob. I would highly recommend him to anyone!”
Doug Smith


“When the creditors where calling, and I had nowhere to turn, my friend gave me Bob Healey’s number. Bill collectors were calling me non-stop on my cell phone, at work, my relatives, being rude and making threats.

Bob told me that was against the law for them to do that. He filed claims against MY bill collectors, and made THEM pay ME money! Not only did he get me money, but he saved my sanity. I cannot thank him enough!”
Tina Wilson


“Bob Healey and his staff have been the best to work with!  He is always looking out for our best interest and is very knowledgeable.  He has been a blessing during our financial crisis.  Thanks Bob, you’re da bom!!”
Dawn & Christopher Penning


“I feel that I have found the BEST lawyer around, I am speaking of Bob Healey.  I do feel that Bob goes above and beyond to help you with any legal bumps in the road that you might encounter in your life.  He not only helped me and my family, he continues to be there on call if and when I have a legal question.  Even if the issue is not his forte, he will gladly recommend someone else.  I trust Bob and feel that he is not only an excellent lawyer but also a decent human being looking out for us little guys.”
Pat Howard


“ I was referred to Mr. Healey from a friend who used him to handle her bankruptcy.  I met with him & instantly felt comfortable working with him!  He put all of my fears at ease & we proceeded to work on getting my husband & I out of debt which was a very big stress factor for us!

I was 3 months pregnant at the time I met Mr. Healey & we were trying to get everything squared away.  I kept in touch with him through phone conversations & emails.  I loved the fact that I knew if I left him a message or an email, he would respond within 24 hours in most cases.

We kept in touch & he kept us informed of how our case was preceding.  Unfortunately, my husband, my son & I were all in an accident when my little one was 7 weeks old so we had to put our bankruptcy on hold & then Mr. Healey became our personal injury lawyer as well!

Once again, he went out of his way for us!  We were always well informed of any news on our case & he was able to help us settle in a rewarding yet quick manner so we could finish our bankruptcy case as well.

I came to Mr. Healey over two years ago in debt, pregnant & scared!  Now, our bankrutcy is behind us & I know that I have a lawyer for life!  I feel comfortable discussing anything with him & I have referred my sister to him for a personal injury case she has.  I know that he knows us, respects us and treats us as a person & not just another client making him money!  He always responds quickly & professionally!  I am pleased to have worked with him and I know that he is only a phone call away if I need him in the future!”
Angela Bushdiecker

“I have known Bob Healey for several years and our experience has been great. He returns phone calls, he explained the pros and cons of my case, and he kept me informed as to what was transpiring with my case.  I always felt that he was genuinely concerned for my physical well-being as a result of my injury.  I would definitely recommend Bob to anyone I know.”
John Fandl


Hello, I am Al Maassen. My daughter and I chose Bob Healey to represent us for legal services in 2 separate legal matters. Mine being involved with my employer in a workman’s compensation matter and my daughter who was involved in a 2 vehicle head on car accident.

As my story goes, I had an on job accident that left me with a broken Tibia & Fibula. I was on disability, away from daily work for 3 solid months. I was blessed with what I consider a smooth recovery, but to this day still have a rod & 4 pins in my left leg. I still have some mild residual pain that I treat daily with my own regiment.

After I was released by my orthopedic doctor and some weeks had passed, I was offered a settlement from my company that was unacceptable. I knew I was not going to tackle this monster without some legal representation.

After conversing with a few friends, Bob Healey’s name came up. I didn’t even hesitate to contact Bob Healey, after all I have known Bob for quite some time, knew his commitment to loyalty and integrity.

When I called Bob, there was no hesitation for Bob to take on this legal challenge. Bob always kept me up to date & seemed like a coach in the way he addressed the play by play on what we were going to do and how my company would most likely respond. Bob was right on……You see, with Bob’s knowledge, experience & perseverance, my settlement was complete in a matter of a couple months with maximum results. I was a very happy camper.

After my 1st legal experience with Bob Healey, my youngest daughter Chelsea was in a very serious car accident. It was a head on collision involving 2 vehicles, an under aged young lady who crossed the center line and collided directly into my daughter’s car approximately @ 9 pm in the evening. After pursuing a copy of the Police report, the under aged young lady did receive a DUI and was arrested. No need for me to proceed without legal representation.

I didn’t even have to think twice to know that Bob Healey was my choice. Again, Bob came through in shining colors. He was always on top of what our game plan was, what the opposition’s moves were most likely going to be, the paperwork for us to provide and then when we could probably expect the settlement to be complete.

Bob always kept us in the know. It took us a few months for this settlement to take place, but with Bob in the driver’s seat, I knew this was going to be a seamless battle. We were very fortunate the young lady who caused the accident did carry insurance and there were also 2 of my nieces in the vehicle with Chelsea, where all 3 needed medical attention. There were no medical bills for us to pay, no harassment by any insurance company and no roadblocks. Bob again came through with a short lived legal battle with a maximum settlement.

All I can say is THANK YOU BOB HEALEY!!!!! I know who to contact whenever I need legal representation, do you?

Al Maassen

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